Angry Fags’ by Topher Payne is a flavoursome platter of incredible performances by actors that take you through a gripping narrative about revenge and a darkness that’s very human.

The play begins with two friends, Cooper and Bennet played by Lachie Pringle and Brynn Antony having a picnic at the park that capture the audience’s attention straight away.  Somewhere in the crowd the two actors’ point and talk about the subject of discussion which for once almost turned to look at forgetting that this is theatre. That’s how compelling their act was.

Lachie Pringle delivers wit fabulously. His timing, charisma and interaction with the audience are spot on, leaving a lasting impression, wanting to see more of him.

The technical team has done a fantastic job. Using the space generously, letting the audiences gaze wander through the set. The entire stage comes to life as the play uses the media to project the news giving us a background commentary.

Then enters Kimberly Philips played by Phoebe Fuller whose body language is so convincing you just want to keep watching her play the character. The way she held her coffee, you could tell how much she had and how warm it was. When Phoebe turns to find a gun pointed at her, within a second one could see tears well up in her eyes. Even when she delivers her comical lines towards the end of her role the audience is able to feel every emotion. Meg Shooter who plays the Senator makes her mark with a solid performance that is bound to leave a lasting impression on the audience. She is confident and butch.

Tom Wilson playing Adam Lowell has a presence that makes you want to undress him with your eyes. He is sexy, seductive and does exactly that which men and women both want in a fling. Sometimes you just want to smell the air he has walked through, smile at the idea that you’ve been seduced and keep walking. Emily Weare is absolutely amazing. She gives us a flawless performance that without a doubt tells you that she knows exactly what she is doing on stage. Monique Kalmar who plays Peggy Musgrove enters the stage with timing and delivery that makes you think she isn’t playing a character. Her accent is impeccable. Her facial expression and the patience she delivers her lines are immaculate. If Monique is performing, you must be buying tickets.

Towards the end, Brynn Antony’s soliloquy is the cherry on top. He is remarkable, giving the play a powerful performance which is packed with an array of emotions that you can see through him.

Overall, ‘Angry Fags’ is very well directed, staged and performed. This Mardi Gras, it is everything.

ANGRY FAGS Directed by Mark G Nagle
Lighting Designer David Marshall-Martin
Costume Designer Bobbi Rickards
Sound Designer Glenn Braithwaite
Vision Designer George-Alex Nagle
Photo © Chris Lundie

by Salvin

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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