A Deal

Flying start of making a deal

Story is simple, yet touches you through the turbulent path of storytelling. A Deal written by Zhu Yi is running full house at Chippen Street Theatre at Chippendale. But you ask why this space? The play somehow has been forced into a space specific pattern and it couldn’t come out of it till the end. You wonder why writing or rather editing is not tight and crisp to avoid that play running over 25 minutes than it should have been.

Katherine graduates in MFA from Columbia University in USA. Her parents travels to America and the drama unfolds. It reaches to its peak with a resounding debate between capitalism and communism. The dilemma of young Katherine continues in a capitalist castle while communism exits to its den at the end of the play.

Susan Young as Mrs. Li an actress turned house wife and a mother is convincing, Shi-Kai Zhang As Mr. Li is superb, Edric Hong as Peter is steady while central character Katherine Nheu as Li Su deserves applause.

Highlight of the play is of course interaction between the famous writer Josh (played by Simon Lee ) and aspiring young actress  Li Su. The writer cleverly takes the audience behind the scenes and introduces sexual harassment, compromises whether forced or preferred and what an actor of colour has to go through. The writer does justice in portraying even a diverse plot can have a few white controlling factors.

We should expect more fluid direction from Director Shiya Lu in near future. Transitions of the scenes disconnects audience in a dark performance space especially when you have 50 people sitting in front. Flying House Assembly theatre company definitely gets full marks for representation of present day urban culture. Though the background of the play is New York but Shiya Lu convinces audience that it could have been Sydney.

Li Su – Katherine Nheu, Mr Li – Shi-Kai Zhang, Mrs Li – Susan Young, Peter – Edric Hong,  Josh – Simon Lee, Dramaturg, Nursing Home Receptionist – Sally Williams, Director, Magazine Editor, Old Lady – Paul Chambers, Real Estate Reception Host, TV Host – Suzann James, Ensemble – Abigail Coffey, Ensemble – Simone Wang

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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